Crawford asks people not to drop animals off overnight, more information needed to better ensure animals adopted out properly

A Polk County Police Department posting on Facebook earlier today seeks the public’s help in finding a man who dropped off a kitten in a tote at the Polk County Animal Control shelter in Cedartown overnight on Monday, in hopes they might get more information about the kitten brought to the shelter and left in a tote.

Animal Control Director Jeff Crawford iterated the gentleman photographed above on security cameras on Monday at just after 9 p.m. isn’t in any trouble, but they need to know more about the kitten before they can find it a new home.

Here’s the original post:

“We came in this morning to find a cat in a tote setting at the front door,” Crawford said and went onto explain that even though they aren’t seeking to file any charges against the man who dropped off the cat, they do want to provide him with some education on the proper way to surrender animals to the shelter.

“It is illegal for anyone to bring an animal to the shelter or anywhere and drop it off without anyone around to care for it,” Crawford said.

He additionally pointed out that without further information about the kitten – believed to be five to six weeks old – there are real concerns about the rest of the cat population at the shelter currently being offered up for adoption or rescue. If a kitten of this age is brought in with feline leukemia, for instance, Crawford said it poses a real threat to the health and safety of the other cats, and will force the shelter to euthanize the whole population to prevent further spread of the disease, which is highly transmissible in kittens.

The kitten also is not available for adoption if the age appears correct until it is 8 weeks old.

Also, the cat might not even be owned by the man who dropped it off, Crawford pointed out.

“And if that’s the case, we want to make sure that it gets back to its rightful owner,” Crawford added.

Based on the photos above, the gentleman dropping off the cat was last seen in a tie-dye t-shirt and blue jeans, with dark brown hair. He was seen driving away in what appears to be a silver four-door passenger car of a late make and model.

Those with information about the gentleman above are asked to contact Polk County Animal Control at 770-749-8908.

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