Note: It was brought to my attention and reminded me that Rockmart voters will also have a liquor sales referendum on the ballot in November as well. Apologies for the error, it has been corrected below. – KtE

All three incumbents in the Rockmart City Council race this year, along with an Aragon City Council member have paid their fees and gotten their names onto the 2021 ballot to retain their positions in upcoming elections in November.

Qualifying opened today for seats on local councils and the Cedartown City Commission for the 2021 election and remains open through the rest of the week for those candidates who live within their city limits in the specific areas (for Wards in the City of Rockmart.) Information for new candidates can be found on the Board of Elections website.

So far, Mike Bradley of Ward 4, Joe Henderson of Ward 1 and Lucille Harris of Ward 3 have all paid their fees and turned in their paperwork on Monday, August 16 to the Board of Elections office to get into the municipal election for 2021, being held on November 2.

Should no one else qualify, all three would retain their seats without the need for a municipal election and would then only provide Rockmart residents with the need to go to the polls for the E-SPLOST resolution coming up before voters this fall, and a referendum over whether to allow liquor sales within the city limits.

In the Aragon election this year, Daniel Johnson has qualified to retain his seat on the City Council. Two seats are coming open this year, with the pending resignation of Buddy Tanner coming up later this month as he is set to move from his home in September. (More on this story on Tuesday. – KtE)

Cedartown additionally has three seats up for grabs this year with incumbents likely to get into the race as well to retain their seats. Commissioners Jessica Payton, Matt Foster, and Sam Branch are the trio of elected officials who are up this November for a new four-year term.

Qualifying for the three city elections concludes on Friday, August 20. The Board of Elections is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Check back for updates throughout the week about qualifying candidates for the upcoming election.

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