Maddie Jefferson holds up a signed note from First Lady Marty Kemp excusing her absence from class on Wednesday while she attended an event Gov. Kemp held at Pizza Farm in Rockmart. (Contributed)

A local youth who is interested in politics got to go back to class with probably the best written excuse she could’ve had for missing some time from school on Wednesday.

Cedartown High School sophomore Maddie Jefferson got the below excuse from school on Wednesday afternoon, though she was checked out by granddad and County Commissioner Scotty Tillery to miss for the visit of Governor Brian Kemp in Rockmart.

“She asked Marty (Kemp) the first lady if she would write her an excuse,” Tillery reported to Polk Today on Wednesday evening. “It was very funny.”

Jefferson, who has been tagging along with Tillery in recent months during a variety of events, including sessions held between municipalities for the Local Option Sales Tax.

She was among the dozens of attendees that included local officials like Tillery, Sheriff Johnny Moats, Cedartown Commissioners, Rockmart City Council members, and many more.

Gov. Kemp’s stop at Pizza Farm in Rockmart was just one of several local stops in the area during his bus tour campaigning around the state ahead of the November 8 Election. He was also in Paulding County on Wednesday afternoon.

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