Want to keep Cedartown’s new favorite pup in your life?

Then you need to stop by the front office of Cedartown High School (after calling in first, of course) and get yourself a copy of a new 2022 calendar featuring the newest member of the CHS family.

That’s right folks, you can pick up a copy of the King Bruce Chubb calendar at Cedartown High and help raise money for his veterinary care and other bills that come up with young pups as they grow up.

Those calendars are $20 each. Above is a sneak peek of one of the calendar pages is above.

The school announced that the calendars were available on Monday, so be advised supplies may be limited.

Call the school at 770-748-0490 to learn more about how to get a calendar today.

Kevin The Editor

The former Editor of The Polk County Standard Journal and a journalist with more than a decade of experience in Northwest Georgia, Kevin Myrick is the Editor and Publisher of Polk.Today. An Auburn graduate,...