Barbara McCray

Resources poured in during the day and through the evening as the search for Barbara McCray continued through the heat and late into the evening, but for now, is suspended until the morning.

The major search efforts involving several local agencies were called off for the evening and teams will gather at 8 a.m. to get back out into the area around Dug Down Mountain looking for McCray, 83, who was reported missing earlier today.

Diagnosed with dementia, the Dug Down Road resident was last seen around 6 p.m. on Saturday night, July 31. A family member went to check in on her this morning and found she was gone from her home.

Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd said so far, officials have no idea where McCray might have went and so are asking for widespread help in case she might have made it as far as Highway 27 and gotten a ride somewhere.

For now in the darkness and with difficult terrain to navigate, search teams are halting their efforts. However, the search will hopefully overnight take an aerial approach once again.

Earlier in the day, the Georgia State Patrol helicopter flew around the area in hopes of providing an eye in the sky but came up empty-handed. Now per PCPD Detective Caleb Bowman, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is lending their drone with infrared capabilities to the search.

He said not long before this update that a team had been contacted and agreed to help, but haven’t yet made it on scene.

An EMA official who was on the scene all day wanted to add their thanks to all the local and area agencies who participated in the search today and lent their resources to the effort, with additional hopes that McCray is found safely in the morning. Those included a large number of volunteers who came out to Dug Down Baptist Church to help in the search of the area.

Check back for additional updates as they become available when full search efforts are continued in the morning.

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Officials are continuing the search for an elderly woman who is missing today, but at this time are asking for support to remain through prayers and positive thoughts.

An official on the scene reported that “We have enough people and we at this time no longer need help. We thank everyone for their assistance at this time.”

More than 100 volunteers have already come out to help search for Barbara McCray, 83, who lives on Dug Down Road and hasn’t been seen since 6:30 p.m. on Saturday evening.

Additionally, members of the Polk County Police, Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia Search and Rescue, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Carroll County’s Mobile Command Center, Haralson and Polk County Volunteer firefighters and members of Paulding County’s CERT team are on hand helping with the search, now several hours old.

A Georgia State Patrol helicopter also orbited the area to help in the search, but so far have turned up no sign of McCray.

The elderly woman who lives on Dug Down Road in southern Polk County is reported to have dementia.

Additional updates will follow this evening as the search continues or until McCray is found.

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Update: no additional volunteers are needed at this time to help in the search at Dug Down Baptist. Please at this point stand by for additional updates.

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Volunteers who want to take part in a growing search effort for a missing woman are asked to report to Dug Down Baptist Church, and to bring equipment with them.

Officials on scene are asking that anyone who wishes to help to report to them, and if available to bring any kind of all-terrain vehicle to the scene as well as flashlights.

Along with local police and fire already on the scene, the Paulding County CERT team has been activated to help as well. A Georgia State patrol helicopter is also expected to join the search as well.

An official on the scene with Polk County EMA said that Search K9s have also been out tracking in the area and have thus far found no sign of Barbara McCray.

The same official asked that volunteers report to personnel that they are joining the search and receive instructions at Dug Down Baptist Church.

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Courtesy PCPD

A large-scale search is underway that includes members of the Polk County Police, Polk and Haralson Volunteer firefighters, Polk County Sheriff’s deputies who are looking for an elderly woman who went missing Saturday evening.

Public Safety officials are out today looking for 83-year-old Barbara McCray, who has been missing since 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 31.

Along with those already searching, a Georgia State Patrol helicopter and Department of Natural Resources officials are joining the efforts on Dug Down Mountain Road.

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Local public safety officials are seeking help in finding a woman who went missing from the Dug Down Mountain area in southern Polk County.

Barbara McCray, 83, was last seen Saturday night, July 31 in the area around Dug Down Mountain and has since been reported missing.

Officials report that McCray has dementia, and provided the above photo.

Check back for additional details as they become available.

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