Carl McKinley House

A man who told police that he was homeless and had methamphetamine in his car was arrested on Tuesday, according to Polk County Police reports.

Carl McKinley House, 32, who told police he had just become homeless but was listed at a Brock Road address in Rockmart, was arrested on Tuesday evening around 7 p.m. when he pulled into the Kwik Stop on Nathan Dean Parkway in Rockmart claiming that he was out of gas, and police were right behind him with their lights on already after he was driving 25 mph under the speed limit.

Police reported that House was driving on a suspended registration and without insurance when they ran his plate number before he stopped.

House told police that he was out of gas and that is why he pulled into the gas station, and while being questioned the reporting officer noticed several bottles of prescription medication and a hypodermic needle in the ashtray.

Police asked House if he had any drugs in the car, and he admitted to having meth and additional needle “points” in the vehicle and gave consent to search his 1994 Ford Explorer.

After being taken into custody, police looked through the car more thoroughly and found a red bag by the driver’s seat, where meth and more needles were found, along with a prescription bottle with suspected Lorecet within.

House was charged with felonies for possession of methamphetamine and possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, along with misdemeanors for no insurance, suspended registration, and possession and use of drug-related objects. He was being held without bail set on the charges as of this posting.

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