Jose Luis Salgado

Cedartown Police arrested a man who was chasing a pair around the Walmart parking lot with a gun earlier in the week, according to reports.

Jose Luis Salgado, 62, of 1000 Antioch Road, Cedartown, was taken into custody on Monday, July 26 after 7 p.m. and was charged with several felonies and misdemeanors following the incident and remains in the Polk County Jail with bond denied as of this posting.

Per Cedartown Police, they were dispatched when one of the pair being chased made it to WNB Factory and called police, while the other flagged down an officer getting gas at the Murphy USA Fuel Center and told him he was being chased by a suspect with a gun, and the blue passenger vehicle being driven by the man later identified as Salgado was responsible.

Police pulled Salgado, placed him in custody over and took the gun, found in the passenger floorboard, and then heard both sides of the story.

Salgado reported that the whole situation started due to issues at home with his wife involving one of the victims,, which one of the victims admitted was the cause as well.

Police did gain evidence from other witnesses on hand and video evidence from Walmart that showed Salgado waiting for the pair to come out of Walmart while in his car, then pull around and block them in in order to confront them with the Smith and Wesson .38 Special revolver found in the car.

He chased the pair after they fled when he pointed the revolver in their direction, but was unable to keep up.

Salgado was seen in the video evidence returning back to his car, where he took an air mattress that one of the victims dropped during the incident and threw the mattress in his trunk before he tried to leave. By then, officers had stopped the car and taken him into custody.

While this was happening, Salgado had three children in the vehicle with him. They and the car were turned over to a relative.

He remains in jail on felony charges for two counts of aggravated assault, and multiple misdemeanor charges for two counts of disorderly conduct, possession of firearm or knife during the commission of or attempt to commit certain crimes, loitering or prowling, two counts of stalking, reckless conduct and pointing or aiming gun or pistol at another.

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