Christopher Colt Watson

A Cedartown-area man was taken into custody on felony and misdemeanor warrants after he was alleged to have been involved in a domestic incident and threatened a woman with a pair of scissors, per Polk County Police reports.

Christopher Colt Watson, 37, of 2051 Johnson Lake Road, Cedartown, was arrested by PCPD on warrants on Thursday, July 29 on felony charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts and a misdemeanor charge of simple battery under the family violence act.

According to the reports from the Polk County Police, Watson is alleged to have gotten into a domestic altercation with the victim after an argument the previous night which ended with Watson telling the victim they were to leave in the morning.

When morning came on Sunday, July 25, the victim tried to leave but was accosted on her bicycle by Watson who decided she wasn’t allowed to leave after all, and a laptop and headset were broken in the process.

She returned back to the house to inspect the items again and was then attacked, threatened with a pair of scissors at her neck, and had to at one point during the attack against her “had to grab Christopher by his genitals to get him off of her,” per the report.

She then fled the house again, this time running to a neighbor who refused to allow her to use a phone to call the police. Ultimately she went to an area residence and called officers for help.

When police arrived that day, they took note of a cut on the victim’s neck that would have been consistent with her story, and then took out warrants for Watson’s arrest.

Officers sought out Watson at his home, but were told by another man at the property he wasn’t there “and was acting like something was wrong” before going to the Country Store. Police couldn’t find him there either, and took out warrants for his arrest.

Police finally caught up with Watson at his home again on Thursday when they went back to serve warrants, looking through the window after he refused to come to the door to see him sitting on the bed and watching their movements.

He was taken into custody without further incident, but then on the way to the jail made false accusations against the officer taking him to the Sheriff’s Office.

Those claims included the ransacking of his home and “that we also made his friend strip into his underwear on the front porch.”

Watson remained in the Polk County Jail with bond denied on the trio of charges. He was arrested and released earlier in the month on July 11 on a bench warrant and probation violation charge as well, but was released after 12 days in jail (on July 23.)

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