Takeyolow Keygoun Turner

A Rockmart woman was jailed and later released on bond on several misdemeanor charges after Polk County Police were initially called out to deal with her irate complaints over parking too closely too her car, then ultimately took her into custody after witnesses reported being threatened when she stormed into her home and slammed the door.

Takeyolow Keygoun Turner, 47, of 1005 Cedartown Highway Apt. 2, Rockmart, was jailed after police came to the complex to try and resolve her issue with neighbors parking too close to her car.

Police told Turner they were unable to do anything about it legally since it was three feet away from her own car and nothing was wrong but did ask and get neighbors to move their vehicle after she contacted 911 and had police out to the apartment complex twice on Saturday, August 7 after midnight.

The reporting officer stated their first trip was unresolved after Turner “was constantly yelling, repeatedly slamming her front door, walking outside of her apartment contrary to officers’ commands, and acting extremely loud and tumultuous given the late hour.”

When officers were called back out, they got the neighbors to move their car and considered their work done for the night until Turner was alleged to have threatened another neighbor witnessing the incident, who told officers.

Police knocked on Turner’s door who by then had gone back inside, and when it opened without any on its own Turner tried to slam the door in officer’s face and refused to come back out.

Polk County Police were forced to take Turner out of her apartment in handcuffs while she jerked to try and free herself from custody all the way to the patrol vehicle, and then was able to get a wrist loose from one of the cuffs and “began trying to knock out the windows by hitting them multiple times,” the report stated.

Turner was charged with simple assault, two counts of obstruction of law enforcement officers and unlawful conduct during 911 call/contacts 911 for purpose of annoy/harass/molest 911 officer or interfere.

She was released after three days in jail on a $4,000 bond on the charges.

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