It wasn’t expected to be a big turnout for Polk County’s run-off with only a few statewide races on the ballot, but it was tiny compared to the record numbers that voted in May in local and statewide primary elections.

Locally, Charlie Bailey took the run-off primary vote locally for the Lieutenant Governor’s race, beating out Kwanza Hall 115 to 75 votes. The Secretary of State’s race saw Bee Nguyen take 153 votes to Dee Dawkins-Haigler’s 36 in the other major statewide race in the run-off for dems.

The vote tallies split evenly for the insurance commissioner race in Polk County. Raphael Baker and Janice Laws Robinson both grabbed 94 votes in the race.

The Labor commission race saw William “Will” Boddie Jr. defeat Nicole Horn in the run-off locally, 127 to 62.

Statewide, the voters kept up the same pattern. Bailey defeated Hall 63 to 36% on Tuesday for the chance to become Lieutenant Governor this fall, Nyugen won the Secretary of State’s race took a 78-22 (rounding) percent win over Dawkins-Haigler, and Boddie took a 63 to 37% win over Horn in the Labor commissioner race.

The ballots statewide departed from Polk County voters positions in the Insurance Commissioner race in a drastic way. With a tie locally, the Dems across the state went with Robinson over Baker in a 64-36 percentage split.

Polk County didn’t have any other races – local or statewide – to decide in the run-off, and with only a small percentage of the vote locally favoring the Democratic party, the one-week early voting period wrapped up last week with very few having come to the polls again.

Only 190 of the less than 1,000 voters cast a ballot in the run-off overall.

Kevin The Editor

The former Editor of The Polk County Standard Journal and a journalist with more than a decade of experience in Northwest Georgia, Kevin Myrick is the Editor and Publisher of Polk.Today. An Auburn graduate,...