VIDEO: Strahan visits Polk County GOP over the weekend

Note: this story was updated to include a quote from Jake Monssen, campaign manager for Jennifer Strahan. -KtE

A GOP primary candidate hoping to unseat U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene this spring and keep the 14th District seat red heading into the next two years in the midterm elections made a stop in Polk County over the weekend to speak to local GOP members.

Her message was loud and clear: she’s not in it to become famous, but to help the residents of the district get a fair shake from other lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

Strahan said there are a lot of similarities between herself and Greene: both are strong business-minded women who are “Trump Republicans” and willing to stand up for pro-life policies and defend the second amendment. She wants to see smart reform in healthcare and education, pulling politics out of the latter and cutting waste out of the former.

And one thing she said she understands loud and clear: messages that have worked in the past to gain voter support aren’t working – especially as the liberal majority continue to attack the policies of conservatives.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of out-of-touch politicians and the media telling me what is best for me, my family and my business,” she said. “It’s time to put Georgia first. Our district is more important than media antics.”

What she won’t do is go around on television and Twitter spreading a message that is counterproductive to the needs of the 14th district.

“I’m a strong supporter of President Trump’s policies, and I think we need someone in Washington who will defend and protect those policies,” she said.

She added that she felt that Greene has sought “celebrity status instead of support of constituents” during her tenure in office since her election in 2020, and the more than year in office that has seen turmoil since.

Strahan, who has long experience as a healthcare executive, lives in western Cobb County with her husband and their son and runs J. Osley & Co., a national advisory firm that provides training and helps find savings for health-based businesses.

Her goals if elected are to get committee assignments, work on reducing government regulation and red tape – especially in healthcare spending nationally – and in undertaking policies she said worked during the Trump administration to push the economy back onto track following the damage done during the pandemic. Additionally, she said that bringing down the size of government will help make it more manageable, and help start paying back some of the $30 Trillion in the nation owes.

“Government can’t be all things to all people,” she said. “It’s time make tough choices. That’s why I support the balance budget amendment, and the no-balance, no-pay tax, and force Congress to do its job.”

You can learn more about Strahan’s campaign here. A full livestream from the event can be found here.

Before the meeting concluded, a representative on behalf of Congresswoman Greene responded to comments made by Strahan during her campaign pitch in differentiating the two conservatives from one another.

Justin Seth Kelley said that Congresswoman Greene would be – despite being kicked off committees and actions taken by Democratic majority leadership like fines for failing to wear a mask while in the House Chambers – in a position to have Republicans coming to her in order to get into positions of power.

“When Republicans take the house back, they cannot get into these positions without Marjorie’s support,” Kelley said. “Marjorie is, quite frankly, one of the strongest and most effective members in Congress right now.”

He continued: “And it’s not just about the, uh… about her doing [House] floor votes. It’s not just about committee assignments. Her effectiveness is, or specifically for this district, does not come in what she’s done for the district right now. What she’s done — Her effectiveness comes in what she’s preventing from happening in this district right now.”

Jake Monssen, the campaign manager for Strahan, provided a comment after the meeting concluded about Kelley’s response.

“I’m delighted to see Rep. Greene’s campaign staff agreeing with Jennifer and acknowledging the fact their boss doesn’t do anything for the district,” Monssen said. “As for what she stops from coming to the district, I can’t see what she’s stopped exactly. Liberal bills continue to pass out of the House, whether or not Rep. Greene opposes them. Jennifer Strahan is a proven problem-solver and the people of GA-14 are hungry for new leadership.”

Greene will face Strahan and a slate of other GOP challengers this year, including Charles Lutin, Eric Cunningham, and Mark Clay who have so far declared. Democratic challengers for the primary this year include Lateefah Connor, Wendy Davis, Marcus Flowers and Holly McCormick who have thus far said they plan to run for the seat as well.

The primaries are being held on May 24 this year.

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